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4930 W. Loomis Rd., Greenfield WI   53220


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Blüm Coffee Garden

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Bluemel's Coffee House




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Bluemel's has long held the reputation for creating an exciting and memorable shopping experience for every customer who walks through their door.


Through the years, Bluemel's has tried many different product lines in their 2,000 square foot retail space.  Starting with a full service florist to offering everything from home decor items, birding supplies and even pet supplies,  Bluemel's retail identity has steadily evolved since taking up residency in their new facility in 2002,  Aside from striving to continually meet the needs of their customers, the strategic decision to test and change product lines was done in part to separate themselves from the competition.


These many changes have led Bluemel's to where they are today.


Bluemel's has decided to do away once and for all with products they simply cannot compete with, getting rid of items "everyone else has",

and opting to go with doing something "nobody else does".  Thus, the Blüm Coffee Garden concept was born.

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Bluemel's is proud to now offer their customers a truly unique and authentic place to shop for all of their gardening needs.  If you're passionate about gardening, and you're passionate about coffee, then you just may have found your spot.


Now on your next visit, you can expect to shop the quality plants, gardening items, and bulk landscape materials that has made Bluemel's famous, all while enjoying the rich espresso drinks and robust coffee blends that has made Colectivo famous.


And you'll absolutely love the cozy atmosphere of Blüm Coffee Garden as it features our skillful landscape brickwork, water feature, and spacious outdoor patio with a fire pit!